Real Estate



Loan terms as short a 1 year or as long as 20, a variety of amortization periods, and interest only options. Certain projects may be leveraged up to 95% of market value using mezzanine and equity programs.


IFG offers Equity programs that allow real estate investors and developers to use less of their equity and leveraging it with equity provided by IFG, thereby maximizing their investment opportunities.


Short-term or bridge financing through IFG allows real estate owners and developers to acquire or refinance properties that are not yet ready for long term debt. Needs for Bridge financing may vary widely, from repositioning a property to acquiring a property at auction.

IFG understands that sometimes there may be shorter due diligence periods and the need for a quicker closing.
Funds can be used for tenant improvements, property improvements, leasing commissions, or equity recapture.

IFG offers finance programs for today’s developer or investor that are efficient and cost effective solutions.