About Us


Established in 1999, Institutional Finance Group (IFG) began as a consulting firm that structured and placed private equity and debt for small publicly traded companies. By 2004 IFG had placed more than 200 million and advised on more than 300 million in private equity and debt financing, prompting the founding of the IFG Opportunity Fund LLC.

IFG has a broad depth of experience in financing projects and can help companies make smart choices about their corporate finances.

Institutional Finance Group prides itself on building solid relationships with our clients, other investments funds, lenders and a diverse network of intermediaries. We syndicate and fund transactions in-house, as well as partner with other finance professionals and intermediaries in assisting their clients with their capital needs.

We will assist and act as your financial consultant to negotiate financial transactions involving debt or equity, and work with your attorney or tax adviser on strategies to present your financial situation, in the best possible way.

If you’re an intermediary and have a client seeking funding, we will work hand in hand with you to find the most advantageous financial structure available in the marketplace at that time.

What we do is far more extensive then the services of a typical financial consultant, broker or banker.